★ Gift vouchers {Acupuncture and moxibustion (50 minutes, 75 minutes, 100 minutes) & Beauty (can be purchased by choosing from the treatment contents)} are available.

★ Nitreat Kinesiology Tape “Made in Japan” 5cm x 5m £ 10

A new type of sports tape used for the purpose of protecting and supporting the muscle itself, rather than fixing the joints. It is used to relieve and prevent pain by limiting muscle growth, and to prevent injuries by preventing overstretching of muscles.

Nitreat’s kinesiology tape has excellent elasticity and breathability (wave coating), so it can be used in various parts and scenes.

★ Pelvic belt (made in Japan)

Various sizes available S, M, L, XL 1 bottle £ 22

It supports the lumbar region with a moderate amount of pressure, stabilizes the position of the pelvis, and reduces pain. Also ideal for posture correction. It is also safe for sudden back pain while traveling.