About acupuncture and moxibustion treatment

Based on traditional Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion, we have adopted various acupuncture and moxibustion methods from all over the world to provide tailor-made treatment for each patient. For those who are new to acupuncture and are worried about pain, those who have experience with acupuncture but did not get a good effect, please try our delicate treatment specialized in acupuncture and moxibustion. In principle, we use acupuncture and moxibustion as well as other techniques to improve the healing power of the body. We do not conduct electricity through the beam.

Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment (Oriental medicine)

Originally, we have [natural healing power] that heals various injuries and illnesses with our own vitality. Even a small cut will be closed naturally, and it will become a scab and heal soon. It is because the wounds that have been operated on in the clinic can be healed by just sewing them together. Even if you have a cold, if you have less-than-average physical strength, you can get rid of it in a day or two if you keep it warm and rested.

But what about those who are suffering from various chronic symptoms now? Oriental medicine considers such a condition to be a condition in which the natural healing power does not work well. A state in which the natural healing power does not work well means that there are factors that inhibit the working of the natural healing power.

A state in which the natural healing power does not work well (natural healing power inhibitor)

Impaired blood circulation

Disturbance of autonomic nerves and endocrine (hormones)

Immune weakness

Body strain due to hardening of muscle ligaments, etc.

If these inhibitors can be removed, the natural healing power will naturally increase, and various symptoms will be cured.

Diagnosis is based on a different view of physiology and pathology from Western medicine, and we find factors that inhibit natural healing power and use various treatments to improve them and lead them to a healing body. Therefore, for example, in the case of stiff shoulders and low back pain, not only the treatment on the shoulders and lower back to improve local circulation, but also the body that cures stiff shoulders and low back pain based on the systemic background that causes them. This is the systemic treatment in oriental medicine, the whole body treatment.


In oriental medicine, we first examine the pulse. The pulse is not only examined at the speed at which it is struck, but also at the depth, strength, width, waveform, etc, of the pulse. This makes it possible to grasp the physical and mental condition of the patient in real time. You can also check if the acupuncture is working. Next, find the above-mentioned inhibitors through acupoints for the condition of whole body strain, abdominal tension, weakness, tenderness, limb skin, muscles, and tendons, and comprehensively grasp the mental and physical condition. We will assemble the most suitable treatment based on the findings).

Traditional Asian acupuncture and moxibustion, like China, is a treatment backed by a lot of clinical experience. It’s not just a mechanical acupuncture point. Carefully explore the reaction of the body, identify the acupuncture points, and use various techniques to make each acupuncture work.

Those who are worried about acupuncture pain

Those who have received acupuncture before but are not good at it because of pain, or who are afraid for the first time.

At our clinic, it is possible to receive treatment for such people with a special very fine needle and a special stab method with almost no pain.

However, the therapeutic effect is slightly diminished.

Please feel free to contact us when you have a physical consultation.

Also, in principle, we will not leave the place with the acupuncture needle stuck. Treat while constantly checking the changes in your body.

The difference between acupuncture and pain

There are many people who like to try acupuncture out, but are worried about getting hurt. 

Maybe it’s because you have a fear of needles, have experienced being stabbed by mistake, or have felt pain while getting injected.

However, even for such people, when they are forced to take it in a hurry, it usually doesn’t hurt more than you expect, and some people say it’s rather pleasant.

It is difficult to make everything completely painless during a single treatment, but rest assured, we try to make it as painless as possible and even use a pleasant stimulus by various means.

Let’s briefly explain the pain and irritation during acupuncture.

The thickness of acupuncture needles is so thin that it cannot be compared with injection needles and sewing needles.

It’s also very elastic and welcoming.

Moreover, the tip of the acupuncture needle is not sharply pointed but slightly rounded.

Due to these structural features, acupuncture enters rather than “pushes”, unlike needles that “cut through” the tissue.

Therefore, it does not damage the tissue, so there is less pain and there is almost no bleeding.

Acupuncture has “cut skin pain” when it penetrates the skin, but this is dealt with by piercing the skin in an instant using a tool called an “acupuncture tube”, hopefully It will feel completely painless.

Realistically, it may hit points on the skin that are particularly sensitive to pain (pain points), small veins, scars of small scars, etc., so it is not always painless, but the pain is slight in an instant.

Apart from “cutaneous pain”, acupuncture gives a peculiar sensation that is slightly different from the so-called “reverberation pain/Hibiki pain”.

It’s like tunes, tunes, and sometimes hits you just like that.

It may not be very pleasant for those who do not feel any discomfort such as pain or “stiffness” in the body, or for those who experience it for the first time, but when the shoulders are severely stiff, it is rather comfortable to have them hit painfully. It’s the same as the above, and if you feel something is wrong with your body, you may feel more comfortable.

This “Hibiki” does not usually have an effect unless you feel it, but sometimes it is necessary to secure the necessary amount of stimulation.

For this reason, it is sometimes called “Hari, kyu”, and the acupuncture is stabbed to the extent that it does not feel “reverbing” and left for about 10 minutes to reduce discomfort and strengthen the stimulation.

However, sometimes you may need to be patient with some “hibiki” sensation.

About therapeutic effect

Immediately after treatment, pain and discomfort often feel like they have moved.

This is because the original feeling of strangeness disappeared and the brain noticed the signal (abnormality) of the second body. But rest assured, this means that the treatment is going well.

In rare cases, depending on the symptoms and condition, the body may change slowly over a few days from the next morning, even if the effects are not felt immediately after treatment.

Treatment of one or more symptoms

It is possible to treat multiple symptoms within one treatment time. Of course, there is no additional charge at that time.

“Even if I come to treat my back pain, I actually have hay fever and menstrual pain”. Those who say that can be treated at the same time.

In fact, when diagnosed by oriental medicine, multiple symptoms are often associated. For example, when menstrual pain is associated with low back pain and headache, chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis and constipation are associated. If so, there may be various cases depending on the person, such as infertility, stiff shoulders, and gastrointestinal weakness.

Please do not think that “this symptom will not be cured and it does not matter”, but please let us know your concerns.

Make appropriate decisions and treat your body with care.

Please do not worry and hesitate to tell us not only the most painful symptoms, but also many other physical problems.