Overwhelming track record in London for over 20 years.

Manipulative treatment, acupuncture, exercise guidance, treatment, chronic diseases, acute diseases, open all year round, complete reservation system

The active Japanese national team cut, former leger, and entertainer have also been here and are working on treatment at this clinic.

We promise to offer you the last healing fortress in your London waiting for you.

Acupuncture, acupressure, manipulative treatment

We are the largest treatment center in London. It will be the last fort.

We will provide treatment that suits each individual. We aim for radical treatment, not ad hoc treatment. 
This is because the recurrence rate is very high even with ad hoc treatment. We want you to get healthy by preventing recurrence while performing radical treatment. We will set clear goals and strive to maintain the health of patients.

Our hospital is accredited by Decleor.

Our experienced beauticians will provide you with quality treatments and advice.
The latest super anti-aging facial developed by Decleor using years of experience and research. With the theme of “shining from the inside”, we will provide a refreshing feeling after the treatment in addition to the glossy and fluffy skin.

My natural clinic

Beauty department

Our Promise with the customers.

The cleanest space in London,
We aim to be a cozy treatment center.

After-sales follow-up is also substantial. We will teach you not only the treatment but also how to spend after the treatment and how to take care of it, such as daily precautions, to help you build a body that does not return in pain. We will try to make a convincing treatment. We will identify the cause of the pain and take an approach toward the cause. We will propose a treatment method unique to each patient.